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Editorial for Feral Domesticity 

DIY furniture from invasive trees

In the fashion of Enzo Mari’s Autoprogettazione, Feral Domesticity offers refined open-source, DIY furniture plans, made out of invasive trees. The publication questions availability of alternative materials and production methods. 

Feral Domesticity catalogue was designed with two possible uses in mind - to be available online and shown in an exhibition setting. To add visually to the DIY content, Klemen Ilovar created a series of analogue-looking photographic collages, we experimented with different standard formats and spirale binding. The catalogue is printed on Notweed paper, made out of locally sourced invasive plants.

Editorial design


Photography: Klemen Ilovar
Plans: Matija M. Biloslav

Feral Domesticity Online view
Feral Domesticity Print 

Online & Amsterdam, NL

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