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Mediterranean diary

Loving from a distance

We slept in a cottage at 1800m. Next morning we took a walk and observed the islands where we had just been.

It was a sunny day and we were hiding under the pinetrees that were cracking in the heat.

This reminded you the Greek sceneries, the Pitagoras temple in south Italy. You always like the archeological sites.

We escaped Ljubljana for an afternoon taking the advice of our friend. We sat on the other side of the pound and looked at the people at the beach.

Last day of a Croatian road trip heading back north. We found a village that was popular among paragliders. There we meet the old couple that welcomed us in their camping.

Walking along to the sea, it was October and you jumped in. You looked so happy. I rolled my trousers up and followed to photograph the waves. Soon changed my mind and jumped in as well.

You always like the Kamenjak rocky beach. Every time before the sun came down, we looked for another place.

Our friends got married on a remote island, Lastovo. That afternoon we swam to a small island, inhabited only by few curious goats.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Renata Šifrar
TEXT: François Dey
PUBLISHED: Condé Nast Traveller China magazine 

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