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Visual identity, Signage & Website for Krater

Production space for transdisciplinary practices

Entrance, Signage: 


Patterns, Interior, Toilet, Pillows 

Making of:


Logotype & Colour palette:

Illustration & Pattern:

The Krater location is equiped primarily with second-hand materials, so there was a need to find a visual concept that can be applied easily and that it works well in both environments - on the location and online. We developed a set of illustrated elements and grainy patterns. Combined with a playful typeface and location-inspired colors, they form a flexible visual identity.

Krater is an emerging production space for transdisciplinary practices, which sprouted from the neglected, crater-resembling construction site near the city center of Ljubljana. Site-specific production stations (papermaking workshop, wood workshop & myco-design lab) which consist of open access, ever-evolving workshop spaces, are set to create a dialogue with the impoverished crust of earth colonised with invasive and other feral plants. 

CLIENT: Krater
DESIGN SERVICES: Visual identity, Location Signage, Website, Social media, Invitations

DEVELOPER: Sepus Noordmans

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