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Webshop & Pattern Generator design for Kobeiagi Kilims

Artisanal rug makers


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Pattern Generator:

Kobeiagi Kilims is a small Slovenian/Bosnian brand that designs and manufactures hand woven kilims and hand knotted rugs. They reimagined the kilim as a modern product without sacrificing its traditional method of manufacture, meaning that they use locally sourced, organic wool that is dyed with natural colours. They use ancient handcrafting techniques that have been passed on from generation to generation to make objects that last more than a lifetime.

The Pattern generator is their newest collection of made-to-order carpets. Each piece is a one-off, conceived from user's own words, rendered into a unique pattern by a computer algorithm and crafted by the experienced women in their fair trade weaving mill in Bosnia.

Kobeiagi Kilims approached Mainly Afternoon with the challenge of simplifying the user experience and managing of their existing webshop. As well to design a visual language that would connect both their websites, the webshop and the new, more experimental Pattern Generator. In both, a lot of attention is given to storytelling and the connection of traditional and modern.

Website design and UX
Webshop design and UX

Kobeiagi Kilims
Pattern Generator Concept: Nikolaj Salaj

Developers: Žiga Vučko, Giorgos Tsiongas
Photography: Ada Hamza
Illustration: Nina Mršnik
Logo: Gaja Mežnarić Osole

Project: Catalogue

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