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Social media for The Feral Palace

Multispecies Design Challenge


The Multispecies Design Challenge introduces principles of zöonomic methodology, multispecies urbanism, and more-than-human commoning as necessary foundations for designers' engagement with untamed sites in contemporary cities. The Feral Palace Open Call reached out to designers, architects and landscape architects. Participants were invited to speculate on multispecies futures of Krater, a revived construction site in Ljubljana. They created their projects under mentorship of the driving force behind the zoöp movement, Klaas Kuitenbrouwer (Het Nieuwe Instituut), author of the term multispecies urbanism, Debra Solomon (Urbaniahoeve Foundation), social-ecological transformations researcher, Rok Kranjc (Institute for Ecology), co-founder of Krater creative laboratory, Gaja Mežnarić Osole (Trajna) and architect Danica Sretenović.

Mainly Afternoon designed social media campaign visuals and a publication for The Feral Palace. The concept behind the visuals explores the contrast between urban and feral, as well the particularity of the abandoned location, where the palace of justice was planed to be constructed. We used an overview image with punchy yellow to communicate the Open Call and a more zoomed-in pattern-like version for all related to The Feral Palace Talks.

Social media campaign

The Feral Palace

Visual identity, signage & website for KRATER, transdisciplinary production space

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